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Sculpt is a component-based desktop operating system that puts the user in the position of full control. It is empowered by the Genode OS Framework, which provides a comprehensive set of building blocks, out of which custom system scenarios can be created. The name Sculpt hints at the underlying idea of crafting, molding, and tweaking the system interactively.

Hosting a guest operating system

The default deploy configuration found at /config/deploy and the launcher at /config/launcher/vm contain all the pieces needed to host a virtual machine on top of Sculpt. A virtual machine (VM) is a convenient stop-gap solution for running programs that are not yet available natively on Genode. It ultimately enables us Genode developers to use Sculpt as day-to-day OS.

By convention, we host the content of each VM in a dedicated directory /vm/<guest-os>/ at the file system. The VM directory contains a virtual disk image(s) as well as the VM configuration. To install the ingredients for running Debian in the VM, you may start the download_debian subsystem, which will automatically download the ISO image of the Debian installer and install a reasonable VM configuration. The subsystem requests a file-system session that points to the target directory. To pass the /vm/debian directory to the subsystem, the file-system session is routed to the vm_fs component. Please make sure to uncomment this component along with the download_debian subsystem.

review on distrowatch:- https://distrowatch.com/weekly.php?issue=20190121 Roadmap discussion :- https://lists.genode.org/pipermail/users/2018-December/006517.html https://lists.genode.org/pipermail/users/2018-December/006518.html

Sculpt EA should be compatible with recent Intel-based PC hardware featuring Intel graphics, E1000 networking, Intel wireless, and AHCI.

It is tested best on laptops of the Lenovo X and T series (X220, X250, X260, T430, T460). For experimenting with Sculpt, we recommend getting a refurbished version of one of these. You may also find the unofficial hardware compatibility list at :- http://usr.sysret.de/jws/genode/hcl.html

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